Here's the topIrish news stories on IrishCentral today:

The top Irish sports story:

Niall O'Dowd: Thousands across U.S. gathered for Donegal-Mayo standoff

Long Island: I doubt if there has ever been a bigger crowd at the Irish Center in Mineola, New York for an Irish football game as there was on Sunday...READ MORE


The top celebrity gossip story:

Blake Lively is a "comfort" to her new husband Ryan Reynolds

The newlyweds tied the knot earlier this month in an intimate ceremony in Charleston, South Carolina, and Ryan is so in love with the actress because she is the total package...READ MORE


The top story on the Catholic Church:

Florida Irish priest who embezzled for Las Vegas trips wants his collar back

An Irish priest who used parish funds for trips to Las Vegas and presents for his mistress has vowed to win his status as a priest  back after getting out of prison early...READ MORE


The top Irish politicsstory:

US politicians demand Ireland outlaw abortion in open letter to Enda Kenny

Members of the US Congress have written to Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny demanding that he halt any bid to legalize abortion in Ireland...READ MORE


Did Liam Neeson have a love fling in NYC?

Is Liam Neeson entertaining two girlfriends on either side of the Atlantic? Sources point to yes, that he has been seeing 28 year old Katy Schell in New York, while still dating London-based girlfriend, Freya St. Johnston...READ MORE