Today's top Irish newsstories:

Bigamist caught out after first wife sees wedding pictures on Facebook

Sharing pictures with your friends on Facebook is usually a fun experience. Unless those pictures are exposing you as a remorseless bigamist, that is…READ MORE


44 police injured in ‘animalistic’ riots over July Twelfth Loyalist parades

PSNI officials have called on the Orange Order to show leadership and help get people to get off the streets following four nights of trouble in Belfast over the July Twelfth holiday. July Twelfth is the traditional Orange Order marching day when they celebrate King William’s victory at the Battle of the Boyne…READ MORE


Mark O’Mara says George Zimmerman needs his gun now more than before

George Zimmerman’s  lawyer Mark O’Mara has appeared on “The View” on ABC News speaking about the high profile case and saying Zimmerman needs his gun now more than ever…READ MORE


Ireland’s first indoor beach launches in midst of heat wave

With temperatures in Ireland remaining hot and dry for the past couple of weeks, families have taken to the beaches to cool off. In the midst of this, a new location has become an option for vacationing families seeking to beat the heat - Summer Bay at Mahon Point…READ MORE


Irish leader among mourners at funeral of two murdered elderly brothers in Mayo

Irish leader Enda Kenny was among the mourners who turned out to pay their respects to slain brothers Jack, 70, and Tom Blaine, 68, in Castlebar on Monday…READ MORE