The winner of our super trip to Ireland over St.Patrick’s Day sponsored by Aer Lingus and Dan Dooley Rent a Car is Kathy Callahan from New Jersey an Irish American radio host and community activist.

According to Kathy her Irish roots run very deep. “My family is from Galway and left shortly after the famine and traveled off the beaten pathways in England before coming to Jersey City NJ.

Growing up I was deeply and profoundly influenced by John F Kennedy and his work, I was with my family and sitting on my Da's shoulders in Dallas in 1963 and I was cheering JFK and his car on and then all hell and chaos broke lose.

I was very aware of Kennedy being Irish Catholic and also heard again and again
that is who I am and where I come...and all the way home on flight from Dallas Ft Worth To La Guardia I sat on a plane filled with people wailing and thrust into the experience of abject grief and mourning.

I can still see it  like a movie running through my mind...My parents tried hard to console me and explain why they were sobbing.

I host an Irish Radio Program on Saturdays 11am - 1pm live  on WHVW radio which features in studio, interviews with artists, movers shakers, broadcast cd release parties in studio celebration, live performance of local Irish American  and Irish musicians at Irish festivals, on cruises, and authors, film artists who want to promote and sell their music, books films In Ireland we are looking forward to fully appreciating and exploring all of the natural Irish wonders  such as: Cliffs of Moher, Yeats country, Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula.

Kathy says “I love Irish Central as it is the hub of all hubs -a virtual community that attracts, connects and promotes great writers, reporters, political commentary, community blogging that moves forward and influences so much.”