Warning: Graphic violence

It looks as though one Dublin man is starting 2017 off on a bad note, with a terrifying road rage incident caught on camera today.

Jason Murphy was leaving a retail park in Carrickmines, Dublin, when he got into an argument with a fellow driver and his wife. The other driver was unable to let it go apparently, and when the cars came to a red light he got out of his vehicle, came over to Murphy, and reached through the window to begin choking and punching him.

Murphy was thankfully able to fight back and subdue his assailant until two plainclothes police officers arrived on the scene.

The entire incident was caught on Murphy’s dashboard camera. The attack begins at 2:06 minutes in. 

Murphy, who has since shared his video with Joe.ie and ViralVideoUK, says he only regrets that his dash cam did not have sound record turned on, and that, due to a factory re-set, the data is incorrect (it says 2015 instead of 2017).

As fate would have it, Micky Stafford, Deputy Editor of SportsJOE, was in his car nearby and captured the men yelling at each other before the fighting broke out.

When New Year sales turn bad. Real life road rage fist fight in Carrickmines retail park. pic.twitter.com/zC5EKqOzaQ

— Mikey Stafford (@me_stafford) January 2, 2017

H/T JOE.ie