The Irish people’s trust in their government is the lowest among people in 23 countries, according to a survey called the Edelman Trust Barometer.

The Irish only have 20 percent trust in their government. This is down by 11 percent from last year’s results.

Internationally trust in governments rose this year to 52 percent.

A survey of 5,000 people found that Irish trust in the media was low but on a par with the rest of Europe at 38 percent. The traditional sources such as newspapers, TV and radio are the most trusted.

Despite the international coverage of Ireland’s economic, financial and political crisis this year it seems that 14 of the 23 countries surveyed would trust global companies with their base in Ireland.

Leader of main Irish opposition party Fine Gael, Enda Kenny, spoke at the launch of the survey. He said that this was a time of “national betrayal” in Ireland and there was a need for a redemptive government.

He said that Ireland can be rebuilt and repaired, and spoke about the Fine Gael policy document “Let’s Get Ireland Working.”  He said the document would set out how the party would protect jobs, implement fairer taxes and deliver a “completely new health system.” 

He also mentioned that his party is committed to public sector reform.

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