Kevin Brennan, 29, the lucky New York cop who survived a gunshot would to the head was well enough to revel in the Giants’ victory on Sunday.

'I am feeling much better after the Giants won last night,' Brennan told the New York Post. 'I am a big Giants fan.'

Brennan, who has served on the NYPD for six years, was shot by an assailant on Tuesday, and is expected to make a full recovery.

'The doctors kept telling me to stay calm,' said Brennan referring to his excitment over the Super Bowl game. 'I was getting too excited at the end, but everything was all right.'

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Brennan, 29, also added that a visit from his wife Janet and their 6-week-old daughter Maeve has been the highlight of his week.

'Those were the two best times I had this week: seeing my daughter and seeing the Giants win, in that order, of course,' he said.

Brennan also revealed that he has already received a get-well note from the Giants coach Tom Coughlin. He added he wants to shake his and quarterback Eli Manning’s hands for a job well done on Sunday.

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