<p>Charismatic Irish airline boss Michael O’Leary has reportedly payed €96,000 in order to buy his own taxi business which does business solely with himself.</p>

<p>The mind-boggling financial arrangement was devised by O’Leary in order so that he could have his own personal form of taxi transportation. The ‘company’ owns one Mercedes, has a driver as an employee, and earns its income solely through the custom of Mr O’Leary.</p>

<p>Financially  the ‘company’ sold€96,010 worth of "services" to Mr O'Leary for the year ended last August, with goods worth €39,879.</p>

<p>Although the one man company is highly unconventional, it’s legality is beyond reproach so long as the fare is metered and the vehicle has a driver present.</p>

<p>The taxi company also had an equestrian interest, having engaged in ‘transactions’ involving O’Leary’s equestian interests. The company - called Tinningdale - is owned by O’Leary and his wife, Anita.</p>

<p>O’Leary sparked national outrage in 2004 when he purchased a taxi plate for use on his personal car so that he could avail of Dublin’s bus lanes.  The decision caused widespread public outrage in Ireland and even prompted politicians to condemn O’Leary’s “abuse” of the taxi plate situation.</p>

<p>O’Leary’s company, Ryanair, recently hit headlines when it announced a new series of cost-cutting measures including charging patrons to use the toilets and introducing standing seats. Although aviation experts have questioned whether or not the new seating arrangements will meet current safety regulations, Ryanair seem to be in no doubt.</p>