The new caring Ryanair is responding to passengers’ wishes and toning down its aggressive attitude – as CEO Michael O’Leary jokingly threatened on Twitter to break a woman’s leg if she doesn’t fly again soon.

The airline has announced a series of changes to its ticketing and baggage polices after it finished bottom for customer care in a survey amongst 100 big brands.

The Irish Sun reports that hefty boarding pass fees, strict carry-on luggage rules and charges for changing flight details are all to be scaled back as the airline tries to reform its battered image.

Ryanair has also vowed to abandon constant announcements flogging food and lottery tickets on early and late flights which passengers had said were interrupting their sleep.

Customers will now be allowed a 24-hour period of grace to correct any errors in flight details included in bookings. Previously it would have cost up to $90 per flight via the company’s call centre.

Passengers will now be allowed bring a second small carry-on bag, such as handbags or airport shopping, on board without any extra charges or penalties.

The charge for printing boarding cards at the airport for customers who have already checked in online is also to be cut.

Check-in fees for luggage will drop $40 at the counter and to $65 at the boarding gate.

The website security code for individual bookings is also to be dropped as part of the changes, due to be phased in between now and January.

Controversial Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has taken to Twitter to engage with disgruntled passengers.

On Friday he jokingly threatened to break a passenger’s leg unless they flew Ryanair in another live Q&A session.

The report says that during the tongue-in-cheek exchange with a passenger, the chief exec answered a question from ‘Ciara’ who commended his airline for the care she received during a flight after breaking her ankle.

O’Leary replied: “Hi Ciara, hope you’re feeling better. Fly again soon or we’ll break ur other ankle.”

He also dismissed suggestions that the airline would be charging passengers to use the toilet with the reply: “Not likely. Pee for free on Ryanair.”