Radio presenter Rush Limbaugh has slammed the Republican National Committee and their ‘Growth and Opportunity’ report, saying that the political party is not conservative enough.

Huffington Post reports on Limbaugh’s comments that came in response to the Republican report which was released on Monday. 

The report aimed to examine why Republican nominee Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election to President Obama, and what the GOP could do in order to ‘rebrand’ itself. 

The report cites a survey in which voters from across the country "said that the Party is 'scary,' 'narrow minded,' and 'out of touch' and that we [Republicans] were a Party of 'stuffy old men.'”

The report added that the survey’s findings were “consistent with the findings of other post-election surveys."

Limbaugh said on his radio show that the Republican party doesn’t wholly understand why they lost in November.

"They think they got landslided, but they didn't," Limbaugh said on his Monday radio show.

"The Republican party lost because it's not conservative, it didn't get its base out," he said, adding, "People say they need to moderate their tone -- they don't."

The report also triggered a call for a $10 million campaign from the Republican party which will attempt to reach out to minority voters.

"The Republicans are just getting totally bamboozled right now,” said Limbaugh. “And they are entirely lacking in confidence. Which is what happens to every political party after an election in which they think they got shellacked."

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