Irish sprinter Rhasidat Adeleke is the second Irish athlete to break an Irish record at this year’s European Athletic Championships in Munich, Germany.

Dublin native Adeleke, 19, placed fifth in the 400m final on Wednesday, August 17, with a time of 50.53 seconds. In doing so, she broke the Irish record of 50.70 ... which she set back in May.

The feat is particularly impressive considering the 400m is a relatively new event for Adeleke.

European SENIOR finalist at 19. 5th with a new NR of 50.53 from lane 1😭

I can’t complain, I’m blessed to be here!🍀

Thank you to everyone supporting me and my journey🫶🏾

We’re not done yet!

— Rhasidat Adeleke (@rhasidatadeleke) August 18, 2022

Adeleke is already the fastest ever Irish woman over 60, 200, 300, and 400 metres and was a double gold-medal winner over 100 and 200 at last year’s European U20s in Talinn, reports.

"I gave it all I had, it wasn't enough for a medal but I got a new national record so I'm happy," Adeke told RTÉ after her record-setting run on Wednesday.

"I'm so new to the 400m, when my coach says 'go out in 23', I don't know what that is honestly, so I just out with them.

"It's my first year doing the 400m, hopefully I'm going to start training for it this fall and let's see what I can next year.

"I wish I just had more in my legs for the last 50m. I was looking at the screen and thought 'oh my god I'm in a medal position' and feel like I shouldn't have done that because it threw me off a bit.

"Honestly I was really hoping for a medal but I have to consider everything, this is like my 50th race of the season.

"To come here and break the national record… so many people support us in Ireland and I just want to give them something back. Thank you for supporting me and thank you for rooting for me."

Adeleke joins fellow Irish athlete Israel Olatunde in setting new Irish records at this year's European Athletics Championships in Munich; Olatunde is now Ireland's fastest man having broken the long-standing record in the men's 100m final.

Adeleke intends to compete as part of the Irish 4x400m relay team on Friday, August 19 in what will be her 50th race of the season.

The talented Irish sprinter is heading into her junior year at the University of Texas in the US where she is studying economics and is on the track and field team.