Crocodile voting in Northern IrelandTwitter / @Desmond_Funk

If you went out to cast a ballot in Northern Ireland’s Assembly election on Thursday you might have met a crocodile voting too.

Crocodiles were in fact one of the key issues in the Northern Ireland election - or so Sinn Féin would have you believe.

The joke came about after Northern Ireland’s outgoing First Minister Arlene Foster was asked about giving more rights to Irish language speakers - something her Democratic Unionist Party has long resisted on cost grounds.

"If you feed a crocodile, it will keep coming back for more," she told the media on the campaign trail last month.

Sinn Féin revelled in the slight and have been making crocodile jokes ever since.

"See you later, alligator," the party’s President Gerry Adams quipped at his own campaign event that day.

But the Sinn Féin might need to watch out - the Traditional Unionist Voice party is looking to drain the very swamp the crocodiles depend on to survive…