A Sinn Féin candidate for Thursday’s Westminster election has reported to the police threats made to him via social media.

Belfast solicitor John Finucane is standing for Sinn Féin in North Belfast.

In February 1989, his father, Pat Finucane, a well-known human rights lawyer, was shot dead by loyalists at his north Belfast home in front of his wife and children.

In 2012, former British Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledged “shocking levels of collusion” between British security services and the gunmen, and also issued an apology to Mr. Finucane’s family.

John Finucane said he received three tweets that mocked and showed open support for the murder of his father.

“One further tweet expresses regret that I too was not murdered along with my father,” he said.

Mr. Finucane has met with the PSNI to discuss the threats.

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“These tweets were vile, offensive and warranted police attention,” said the former Antrim football goalkeeper, who is standing in his first election.

“On Saturday, I met with senior police at a station in Belfast. They agreed with me that the offending tweets encompassed various criminal acts and pledged to conduct a thorough investigation.

“I look forward to assisting police in their enquiries and I trust they will use all powers at their disposal.

“It is important to remember that social media use should never under any circumstances cross into criminality, and when it does so, the appropriate response must follow,” Finucane said.

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