On Monday night, on Fox News, Irish American conservative political pundit Sean Hannity was already setting the groundwork for a still to come epic defeat tirade blaming liberals, rogue Republicans and sundry evil doers for ushering in another Clinton presidency.

“You can decide tomorrow to save America from the declining state it is in and stop this downward spiral,” he pleaded with his audience.

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“That’s what this election is about,” he continued. “Tomorrow night, if Hillary Clinton is elected, those who didn’t support Donald Trump, voted for Hillary, or #NeverTrump-er, I’m telling you right now: you own her Supreme Court, you own her unvetted refugees, you own her tax increases, you own her open borders, you own Obamacare, you own her energy independence. You will own it.”

Progressives will be fine with this charge but it represents a grim prognosis for the man that Hannity has admired to the point of idolatry, Donald Trump.

There are countless satirical Reddit posts that are filled with posts of a beaming Hannity failing to cloak his near veneration for the billionaire real estate mogul.

Those smiles came to an end last night. Now it’s becoming time for the finger pointing.

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