It’s election day and the stars will be out in force. That prompted us to seek out the highest profile Irish American stars who support either candidate. Here’s our Top Five list of Hillary and Trump Irish supporters.

Supporting Hillary Clinton:

1. Liam Neeson: The Irish-born star has made plain his support for Hillary by attending several Irish fundraisers and events in her honor. Most recently showed up at a Vice President candidate Tim Kaine event in New York. Clear he has “taken” a strong position.

2. Olivia Wilde: The actress and daughter of Andrew Cockburn, famed Anglo-Irish journalist, has stated in terms of Hillary: “The fact that she feels the plight of women and girls as the most important issue of the 21st century is a huge reason why I’m supporting her.”

3. George Clooney: The Irish American man about town, now happily settled down, had hosted massive fundraisers for Hillary in the past and is a close friend.

4. Alec Baldwin: "Saturday Night Live" – enuff said.

5. Meg Ryan: ”Sleepless in Seattle” star is backing Hillary all the way.

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Supporting Donald Trump

1. Tom Brady: Seen to have Trump “Make America Great again” cap in his locker and has spoken warmly of him.

2. Paul O’Neill: Former Yankees great publicly endorsed Trump at Florida rally.

3. Kid Rock: has described his roots as Dutch and Irish with some Scottish. Hugely anti- Hillary and regularly appears at GOP events slamming her. Supported Romney four years ago.

4. Stephen Baldwin: Utterly opposite to Alec and a born again Christian, big fan of The Donald.

5. Ted Nugent: Fiery Irish American rocker with roots in County Cork, has slammed Clinton repeatedly