Irish bookies Paddy Power took out a full page ad in UK newspapers today to give England a little historical perspective. 

Yesterday, The Sun newspaper ran a scathing editorial blaming Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar for "The Brexit disaster," claiming that "Ireland's naive PM Leo Varadkar will deserve much of the blame for the misery and chaos No Deal would unleash on his people and across Europe."

Today, Paddy Power took out a full page ad in that same newspaper to give England a different perspective on the past two years since the Brexit YES vote:

Full-page ads in The Star and Sun today 亂

— Paul Mallon (@PaulMallon1) February 1, 2019

It reads: "Dear England, Sorry for the last two years of pain, suffering and humiliation. Another 798 and we'll be even." 

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The ad also ran in The Star newspaper. It's part of a larger Paddy Power campaign trolling England ahead of their Six Nations rugby match with Ireland in Dublin's Aviva Stadium tomorrow (Saturday). 

Winding up England this weekend for their visit to the Aviva Stadium...

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) February 1, 2019

They took out massive billboards around Dublin and even transformed one of their offices into a "Passport Office," offering England fans the chance to "Leave Dublin with a consolation prize." That last one isn't too far removed from reality - Ireland received 175,000 passport applications from England and Northern Ireland in 2019 alone, a 22% increase attributed to Brexit fears and uncertainty.

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Well played lads, well played.