Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton raised $1 million from Irish American supporters at a fundraiser on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts over the weekend. Included among the donors was a former leading Mitt Romney New England supporter from his presidential run.

The amount is the single largest raised by an Irish American group for the candidate.

Clinton made a two hour stop in Nantucket. Upon arrival she headed for the home of Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, a senior figure in the American Ireland Fund and ambassador to Portugal during the Bill Clinton presidency. 

There was heightened security after an earlier Donald Trump fundraiser on the island on August 6 drew a crowd of 250 protestors, but there were no protests on this occasion. Instead, residents sat in deck chairs and cheered Clinton as her motorcade passed.

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The fundraiser was held at the Frawley residence on Eel Point Road and featured an Irish Tricolor and Stars and Stripes flying over the event. Over 300 people attended and music was by Irish musician Bobby Maguire.

Among the leading Irish Americans present were Bob Crowe, Kathleen Matthews – wife of "Hardball" host Chris Matthews, and Bill Geary – a Republican who hosted an event on Nantucket four years ago for Mitt Romney, who gave a generous donation to the Clinton event and is a former Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Boston College.

Also there were Deedie McCarthy, Jack Manning, Kevin Frawley, John McFarland, Senator Ed Markey and Rep. Bill Keating.

Also present was Al Smith, great-grandson of Al Smith, the first Irish Catholic to run for president. Hillary Clinton confirmed that she will attend the Al Smith dinner at the Waldorf Astoria this year on October 20. It is customary for both presidential candidates to make an appearance.

Clinton has appeared several times before for fundraising events at the Bagley home, where tickets this year started at $1,000 each, and topped out at $27,000.

Speaking to, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley stated she was very proud to host the fundraiser for her longtime friend Hillary Clinton and was glad to fly the Irish Tricolor in her honor. “We are all with Hillary this year,” she said. “Everyone knows the alternative is inconceivable.”

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