If you think that the Irish referendum on same sex marriage affects only Irish people living in Ireland, think again.

This week GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis has added her voice to a growing international chorus asking Irish citizens to vote yes for marriage equality.

With a new video posted to the Irish based website Vote With Us Ellis explained that a yes vote will have important implications for other countries around Europe and around the world.

On May 22 Ireland will be the first country in the world to hold a referendum on same sex marriage and although polling suggests the yes side is the favorite to win Irish LGBT leaders have cautioned that it will all come down to voter turn on on the day.

Ellis has added her own voice to the Vote With Us campaign to underscore the fact that Ireland’s vote will have a significant international impact.

"Growing up in my home, on the wall, was the Irish blessing that included the phrase 'may the wind be always at your back,' said Ellis. "Ireland, you have the opportunity to be a global leader in support of marriage for all. A yes vote on May 22 will inspire other countries, like the United States, to follow suit."

Meanwhile other grass roots Irish campaigns have found novel ways to show their support for marriage equality. The Dublin based paper and wedding stationary store Daintree Paper has found a novel way to push back at the campaign of misinformation launched by some No supporters.

The company is shredding what they call the lies printed on anti-LGBT hate pamphlets and then turning them into wedding confetti.

“At Daintree, paper is our favorite thing in the whole world,” the company announced. “So when paper was used to spread some ugly lies in the run up to the marriage equality referendum we weren’t one bit happy. So we put our heads together and came up with a new product called ‘A Shred of Decency’ – it’s confetti made from 100% recycled lies.”

Daintree says all of the proceeds from A Shred of Decency will go to Yes Equality, an Irish pro-same sex marriage organization.