Who knew? In the midst of all his controversies Donald Trump found time to praise Ireland as one of the greatest countries to do business in.

Speaking to The Economist, Trump gave Ireland as the prime example of where low corporate taxes had really worked.

"You look at Ireland. I own a great property in Ireland that I bought during their downturn. And I give the Irish a lot, a lot of credit.

"They never raised their taxes. You know you would have thought when they were going through that really they would've doubled and tripled their taxes. They never raised it a penny. And they got through it and they are thriving now. Ireland's done an amazing job. A lot of companies have moved to Ireland and they like it.

"But we're going to be getting a lot of companies moving back and we're going to get very few companies leaving the United States because we went from the highest tax rate of not only major, you know they always say major countries, just about the highest tax rate period."

Trump owns the Doonbeg golf resort and hotel in County Clare has been a frequent visitor there.

His son Eric who was recently in the property says the trump affection for Ireland is very real.

He told Irish journalists “My father loves this country, loves this hotel, he loves this place, loves everything this symbolizes. I would love him to see this and everything we have accomplished and it would be great to have him here. If he is able to make it here, it would be great to have him.”

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