Sarah Louise Mulligan, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, actress, singer, former burlesque dancer, teacher, and passionate Trump supporter is seeking nominations to run for president of Ireland.

She says Donald J. Trump "inspired her to run" and after finishing her graduate studies in Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Innovation at  University College Dublin felt she was ready to step onto the campaign trail.  

She says if she wins she will invite Trump to Ireland and perform her Marilyn Monroe routine especially for the man she says she is addicted to.

Speaking in a previous interview with IrishCentral, Mulligan said that she was drawn to Trump during the 2016 campaign, insisting that Ireland needs a similar politician and needs to stop following the “herd mentality.”

“I was addicted to watching his charisma on screen and then I started reading up about him and I just found his life very fascinating,” she said.

“A lot of newspapers and media – RTÉ and TV3 here in Dublin – were constantly saying bad things about Donald Trump and the majority of people wanted to see Hillary Clinton get in. I was just sick and tired of reading the very negative press and I knew what I was reading in the Irish media was all lies.

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Mulligan says she wants to be a president that highlights and tackles the following:

  1. Elder Abuse
  2. Homeless
  3. Sexual Abuse

Mulligan, a Dublin native, is no stranger to media attention having carved out a career as a nude and controversial actress in a number of major productions including "The Tudors" and "Love/Hate" where she portrayed "ladies of the night."

Her latest film "Cardboard Gangsters" was a critical and box office success. In recent years she also was an outspoken critic of abortion legislation changes in Ireland stating she is "pro-life."

On St Patrick's day 2016 Mulligan launched a divisive website Irish Who Love President Trump, showcasing her allegiance to the current US president and two years later, wants to follow in his footsteps on this side of the pond.

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I caught up with Mulligan earlier today asking her how the campaign is going thus far, which can be heard in the interview below: 

Mulligan added this is not a "publicity stunt" and something that she has considered for some time. She also wants to remind voters and the Irish public that she is willing to donate all of the "presidential salary to help those less fortunate" than her and is not affiliated to any major political party. 

Announced for October 26, the 2018 Irish Presidential election has already seen artist Kevin Sharkey, Senator Joan Freeman, businessman Gavin Duffy, and musician/lecturer Jimmy Smyth jump into the ring in an attempt to claim a candidacy.  

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Here is an exclusive sample of 36-year-old Mulligan delivering her first campaign speech:

Do you think she stands a chance against Michael D. Higgins? Let us know in the comments section, below. 

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