James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, head of the Boston Winter Hill crime family has been on the FBI’s Ten Most wanted list since 1999. The FBI now believes that they could nab the wanted murderer in Europe because of his girlfriend’s addiction to plastic surgery.

The FBI has been after Whitey Bulger for over a decade. He is wanted on 19 counts of murder, as well as racketeering, money laundering and drug dealing.

They are now reaching out to plastic surgeons in Britain as they believe that Bulger’s girlfriend Catherine Greig has had extensive plastic surgery and it is their hope that her surgeon might recognize her photo.

Greig is also wanted by the police for harboring Bulger when he went on the run in 1995, having being indicted with murder in Boston.

The FBI believes that Greig has become addicted to plastic surgery. They are reaching out to surgeons in Ireland and Britain to help with their search. The last confirmed sighting of the couple was in London in 2002.

Douglas McGeorge consultant plastic surgeon and former president of the British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said “The FBI have been looking for or this couple for a very long time and so are exploring all avenues.

“It may be that Greig has seen a plastic surgeon in recent times.

“If she has, the FBI may be able to find out which part of the world they are in and where in that particular country they are.

“We do get some pretty unusual requests but being approached by the FBI is one of the most unusual.”

A poster has been posted on the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. It says “Have you treated this woman?

“Greig is a fugitive from Boston, Massachusetts and is believed to be on the run with FBI Top Ten Fugitive James J 'Whitey' Bulger.”

The poster also gives details of the surgery Greig has had in the past. The list includes suction lipectomy, or liposuction, rhytidectomy or facelift, bleproplasty or eyelift and augmentation mammoplasty, or breast enlargements. 

The FBI is now offering $2 million for information which leads to Bulger’s capture. Now 69-years-old Bulger is the oldest on the Ten Most Wanted list. He has not been sighted in eight years but perhaps Greig’s obsession with surgery will give his location away.

A possible sighting of James "Whitey" Bulger and his girlfriend, Catherine Geiger, in Italy