Whatever happened to Larrimah resident Paddy Moriarty and his dog Kellie is still a mystery.

The unexplained disappearance of the Irishman, who went missing on December 16th 2017, is the subject of a new YouTube docu-series. 

ABC journalist Anna Henderson has been investigating the case and the tiny town of Larrimah through the series A Dog Act: Homicide on the Highway

All eleven residents of the rural town 500km south of Darwin deny having any involvement in the disappearance. Police are now treating the case as an unsolved homicide.

Episode one of Henderson's documentary interviews Moriarty's friends, such as Barry Sharpe the publican whom he worked for, and his nemesis of a neighbor, Fran Hodg...

"I think he has been met with foul play," Sharpe said. He said that while Moriarty often drank eight beers after work, on the night he vanished he probably had a couple more. He never showed up for work the following morning to tend the pub.

"Paddy's a good bloke, came over here from Ireland," bartender Richard Simpson said. 

Moriarty had emigrated to Australia from his birthplace of Limerick in the 1960s.

Episode two (above) delves further into what kind of man he was - or as a local would say, "was he a larrikin or a mongrel"?

The most recent update to the case is that police have traveled back to Larrimah in order to collect DNA from one resident - however they will not confirm which resident.

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