Planets are often named after music stars or pop icons, but did you know that there’s a huge Irish influence in outer space too?

You don't need a telescope to look on the website for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) where you'll find a flyover video of a certain disrupted and intriguing terrain.

Jupiter's moon Europa is slightly smaller than our own moon, but still manages to have a little bit of an Irish influence included.

The so-called Conamara region of Jupiter's moon Europa is named for Connemara in the West of Ireland, a similarly rugged terrain. The surface has been named Conamara Chaos because of the "intriguing blocky and disrupted nature of its surface" - not unlike the untamed Galway coastline.

This "chaos terrain" indicates recent activity on the surface of Europa as the blocks of water ice have been "shifted, rotated, and even tipped and partially submerged with a mobile material."

According to NASA, the region is cited as evidence for a liquid ocean below Europa's icy surface.

Irish Times features writer Arminta Wallace points out that this is not a lone space reference to the Emerald Isle. 

"There are Martian craters named “Beltra”, “Clogh”, “Dromore”, “Fenagh”, “Glendore”, “Lismore”, “Louth”, “Navan”, “Tara” and “Wicklow”," she notes here.

Not forgetting, two "minor planets" currently hurtling around The Milky Way - 5418 Joyce and 6433 Enya

Can you think of any other Irish words, phrases, or figures that would make for good solar system monikers? Let us know in the comments below.