Tore Rasmussen, originally from Norway, is now running a far-right and anti-immigration group out of Dublin but was recently prevented from entering the UK by the British border force because of his ideology.

UK border force denied him entry because they alleged, he “pose[d] a present, genuine, and sufficiently serious threat to the fundamental interests of society, including to public policy or public security.”

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Rasmussen is partly in charge of the group, Generation Identity UK & Ireland, which is a part of the larger conglomerate far-right group, Generation Identity. This group is a highly organized movement that has made extensive use of social media and technology to recruit members and broaden their reach.

Norwegian far-right/Generation Identity activist Tore Rasmussen has headed to Dublin “to try and establish a local group” according to The Times

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According to Buzz, he and his group demonstrated by covering famous statues in Dublin and Belfast with burqas. Additionally, he placed posters in front of these displays with slogans such as “The ‘New’ Irish?” and “The Future of Northern Ireland?”

Back in May, Rasmussen was detained by the UK Border Force and refused entry into the country. He said then, “that the British state has already gone far down the road in its suppression of what it terms ‘extremism.’”

Last year, the group gained notoriety in the news when they had to be rescued from a boat off the coast of Libya during a mission when they were trying to prevent migrants from crossing to Europe.

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@dfatirl @gardainfo can anyone explain why Banned-From-UK Neo Nazi Tore Rasmussen has been allowed into #Ireland living In Dublin. “A Norwegian far-right activist who was denied entry to the UK last month because he was deemed to be a threat”

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Similarly, they also set up a human-barricade in the alps as another attempt to stop migrants from passing the mountain range and making it further into Europe.

As of late, the group has had its Facebook pages were removed from the site this week because they violated Facebook guidelines in regards to extremism. Regardless of this, they are still one of the largest, most organized, and far-reaching nativist movements in Europe at the moment.

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