Joe Coleman, the Irish seer who claims the Virgin Mary appears to him at Knock, has posted the latest message he received from her online.

Coleman has brought thousands of people to Knock to witness the "apparitions" but fewer have begun showing up and only 300 were there last week for the latest “sighting.”

The message he claims he received reads:

“My child, stay calm for the great storm has not arrived yet. When this happens, my child, they who do not obey my Father's Commandments shall be sucked into the darkness of Hell for all eternity.

“Those who obey, believe and respect my Father's will shall be in the eternal grace of God for ever and ever — for it is written, my child, in my Father's book.

“My church is crumbling at this time of great change. My people must come in multitudes to reclaim what belongs rightly to them — my most holy sacred chapel where within I dwell, the Father and the precious son Jesus the Christ. Tell my children to pray even harder now for Pope Benedict as he is under great threat from Satan. Your prayers will help. All my children must pray for him.”

According to Coleman, Our Lady will return to t Knock at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, July 14. He has said that the “divine messages” included that the second coming of Jesus is imminent

“Visionary” Joe Coleman, holding cross, at Knock Shrine