Muslims in Ireland will hold a demonstration in Dublin to protest the violence inspired by terror group Islamic State. Three Irish people were gunned down in Tunisia by an ISIS fanatic while they were on vacation there. 

The “Not in Our Name” protest will take place at O’Connell Street on Sunday, July 26, reports the Irish Examiner.

However, the leader of Ireland's biggest mosque in Clonskeagh, Dublin has refused to take part.

Dr. Ali Salem head of the Islamic Cultural Center of Ireland which is part of the mosque. stated the organization had never been consulted. "If the biggest Islamic organization is not aware of it what does it mean,?" he told the Irish Independent.

He claimed radicalization of Muslims in Ireland "just won't take off because it doesn't have the right environment."

However, the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council has called on Muslims to demonstrate that “hatred and violence” should not be used in the name of Islam and that silence within the community may be wrongly interpreted “as a silent approval” of ISIS.

Islamaphobia is “increasing rapidly” due to the atrocities says community leaders, who pointed out that three Irish citizens had been killed in the attack in Tunisia.

Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri, founder of the council and Imam at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Blanchardstown, west Dublin, said the attacks in France, Kuwait and Tunisia had taken place during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Indiscriminate slaughter, public beheading and systematic starvation are all features of the murderous campaign by the so-called Islamic State,” Dr Al-Qadri said. “All these are absolutely against the teachings of Islam.”

He said: “It will be terribly wrong that in the face of the so-called “Islamic state” atrocities if we as Muslims remain silent at how Islam is wrongfully defined as a barbaric religion by these terrorists.” 

He added: “Our silence may wrongfully be interpreted by some as silent approval of ISIS.”

He said those who will gather at O’Connell Street will “demonstrate collectively that hatred and violence can never be justified in the name of Islam."

Muslim organizations attending the protest include Al-Mustafa Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre Ireland, the Cork Muslim Foundation, the Jamiat Raudat us Soliheen Drogheda, and the Athlone Islamic Centre. 

“With this protest we aim to highlight that Islam is a religion of Peace and show Ireland that all Muslims in Ireland condemn terrorism,” said the shaykh.