First lady Michell Obama has been invited to shop in Irish design stores in Dublin when she is in Ireland with her husband, sources tell Irish Central.

The hope is that Michelle buying Irish goods could provide a massive boost for Irish export companies who sell goods in the US.

It is hoped that the First Lady will take the opportunity to visit an Irish store in the Dublin area, most likely in the Grafton Street area, during the visit.

Mrs Obama is perceived as being the most stylish First Lady since Jackie Kennedy and any endorsement by her of Irish clothes or crafts could be a huge boost for Ireland abroad.

It has also been revealed that President Obama will be asked to sit down with several genealogists to discuss his Irish family tree during the visit.

Again, the image of the president having his Irish heritage explored would be extremely valuable for roots tourism from America.

Final details on the presidential itinerary are set to be decided this week according to sources.