Mary Kennedy, wife of Robert Kennedy Junior who committed suicide this week at her home in Mout Kisco New York, suffered from depression as well as alcoholism close friends told The New York Times.

Her problems had become very bad in recent months with many events and appointments canceled because “Mary is sick” a close friend told the Times.

“She had good moments and bad moments,” theperson said. “She could be at times absolutely beautiful and outgoing and engaging and professional in one respect, and in other times she just seemed like she was out of it.”

She had been involved in a bitter custody battle with Kennedy over their four kids and the relationship was deeply strained.

Kerry Kennedy, Robert’s sister and a lifelong friend of Mary,  said Mary had been sober for five month but depression had gripped her.

“She fought with every ounce of her mission to overcome that horrible disease,” Kerry Kennedy said. “It was not something that she asked for; it was something that she was dealt.”
Mary’s brother, Lawrence Richardson issued a statement.

“We deeply regret the death of our beloved sister Mary, whose radiant and creative spirit will be sorely missed by those who loved her,” it said. “Our heart goes out to her children, who she loved without reservation.”

Robert Kennedy stated his late wife was an extraordinary woman.

“My sister once asked her to help her find money for earthquake victims in Nicaragua, and Mary got on the phone and cold-called over 200 C.E.O.’s over five days, and I think they got 80 truckloads of supplies to Nicaragua,”  Kennedy said.

Kerry Kennedy said  she eventually succumbed to her demons “As so many people who suffer from mental health issues,” she said, “she was unable to do the things that she desperately wanted to do, and she was fighting, fighting, fighting with every ounce of her being to beat back those demons.”

Robert F. Kennedy and wife Mary Richardson Kennedy pictured in