Mark Cronin, who claimed links to the Provisional Irish Republican Army and threatened to shoot cops and blow up a train station in New York, has been hospitalized after the City of Mount Vernon Police Department issued a bulletin about him.

Cronin "has been hospitalized for his mental condition," a spokesperson for the City of Mount Vernon Police Department told IrishCentral on Monday evening, November 6.

The District Attorney is not pursuing any charges against Cronin "due to his mental illness," the spokesperson said.

However, the spokesperson noted that the MTA Police "may pursue charges for his threat to bomb the Fordham Road train station."

Cronin, IrishCentral understands, is a native of Dublin and had been living in the predominantly Irish and Irish American Woodlawn section of The Bronx in New York for a number of years. 

A screenshot of the bulletin issued by the City of Mount Vernon Police Department was circulating in Woodlawn on Sunday evening, November 5.

In its bulletin issued before Cronin was hospitalized, the City of Mount Vernon Police Department described Cronin as "emotionally disturbed" and said that his last known address was in Woodlawn.

The bulletin said that Cronin "contacted Westchester County PD on 11/05/23 and stated his friend Mark was a known murderer for the Provisional IRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army).

"Cronin then stated Mark was heading to Mount Vernon to shoot 17 Police Officers.

“Westchester County RTC (Real-Time Crime) has been pinging his phone since receiving his first phone call. They determined that the above party was referring to himself in the third person.

"Westchester County RTC received information stating that Cronin is now homeless and sleeps at Woodlawn train station.

"Also, he has been in contact with MTA Police and threatened to blow up Fordham Train Station."

The City of Mount Vernon Police Department said in its bulletin to use caution and call for assistance immediately if anyone encountered Cronin.

There were no current warrants for Cronin, the police department noted in its bulletin.