The grieving bird was rescued after being found hugging cars.

Did you know that swans, like penguins, are one of the few birds that mate for life?

In a town in the south-east of Ireland, a grieving swan who lost its mate has tugged at the heartstrings of locals. The swan's life-partner was killed, leaving the feathered creature to turn to cars and start hugging them.  

A post on Wexford Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals showed the animal laying its long, graceful neck helplessly on a car bonnet.

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apparently there's a swan in wexford that's mate has just been killed and it's just been stopping cars and lying on them. The local rescue centre has had to ask for information because "he looks so sad and lonely" and if that isn't the most heartbreaking thing you've read all day

— Spoo-Chi: The Sequel (@mementowori) October 19, 2018

The owners of the vehicle were concerned about how 'sad and lonely' the swan seemed.

As the swan went from car to car, onlookers suggested that it may have been cradling against the heat of the bonnet (hood) and laying its neck against where it would have once laid its neck on its mate. 

UPDATE We contacted Dal Donoher who is a Wildlife Rehabilitator and he has taken the Swan to Kildare to access him and...

Posted by (wspca) wexford society prevention of cruelty to animals on Friday, 19 October 2018

According to the Irish Mirror, Kildare Animal Wildlife Unit stepped in and rescued the heartbroken swan.

"This swan has just been rescued and is on the way to our center where she will be assessed over the coming days. Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteers who put a lot of time and effort into making sure this happened. A special thanks go to Lisa and Lydia. Thank you," a spokesperson said.

Scientists have found that monogamous swans can actually pass away from a broken heart, leaving them widowed. In a study made on swans, it was found that they may get another partner after some time - or they mourn the death of their partner. The scientists add that while swans are considered the most loving creatures - they are also the most aggressive!

In fact, in 2001 a man in Ireland had his leg broken by a swan when he foolishly tried to provoke it.

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