IRISH lawyer Michael Lynn, who has been on the run from authorities in Ireland over ?80 million owed to Irish banks and was stopped by U.S. immigration officers at Newark on Friday, January 11, but not arrested, has still not returned to Ireland.Lynn, a big time promoter of overseas apartments and villas, is wanted for questioning in relation to the millions of euros he used to create an extravagant lifestyle for himself.Although a court order has been issued for the 39-year-old Mayo native's arrest, it is only valid in Ireland, thus preventing foreign police from arresting Lynn. To amend this, the High Court in Ireland has agreed to a request by the Law Society of Ireland to forward papers and information on Lynn to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). It will be up to the DPP to decide if criminal charges should be brought forward for criminal contempt of court after Lynn failed to show up at a High Court proceeding relating to his property dealings in December. Lynn, who has properties in Bulgaria and Portugal, has assets to the value of ?52.5 million.It is believed that Lynn or his firms have 154 bank accounts and dealing with 148 properties. Although Lynn''s Irish bank accounts are frozen, his international accounts are currently not accessible.