Irish film producer Laura Madden has gone public on how Harvey Weinstein forced himself on her in a Dublin hotel.

Speaking on the Channel 4 documentary “Working with Weinstein,” Madden described her first meeting with the Miramax founder in a Dublin hotel.

He was filming “Into the West” a movie set in Ireland starring Gabriel Byrne and he promised Madden she could come work with him.

"I think my first introduction to him was going into his hotel room. I was surprised to see room service had been ordered, there was a bottle of champagne. He asked me to come and sit down, and he basically then told me what a wonderful job I was doing, and how he wanted me to work for him in London,” Madden said.

"This was exciting, this was great, this was going to be the next step. And it very quickly turned from a conversation about a profession to about him being tired and having traveled a long way and him wanting a massage.

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Saddens me to read negative comments about these women on #workingwithweinstein ... It is very judgemental to fail to appreciate how difficult it must be to challenge someone so powerful & manipulating. These women ARE brave, they were bullied & powerless in their situations.

— Colleen Rattigan (@colleenrattigan) February 20, 2018

"I remember feeling quite shocked by this request, and him saying 'what's wrong with it? That's normal?' And I felt I was the one who was sexualizing it and I was the one who was making it a problem.

"I ended up being given a massage by him. He took my top off and started massaging me. I think all my clothes ended up coming off, and he was wearing a robe and masturbating. There were constant new requests. I remember going into the shower with him and at that point remember feeling completely out of my depth and horrified and crying."

Please watch #WorkingWithWeinstein . Utterly depressing yet important watch as his heroic ex - employees, especially, Zelda Parfitt and Laura Madden get their voices heard. They are so brave and finally have semi justice.

— Eilidh Cochrane (@eicochrane) February 20, 2018

She recounted to Channel 4 in Britain how he then left her alone and she locked herself in the bathroom, before breaking down.

Weinstein later apologized to her and promised her it would never happen again.

"For the eight years that I worked there, it was always present. It just sat very uncomfortably. I felt like I had done something wrong. I felt more to blame than in a way he was, obviously, it was his problem. But I took... I felt responsible, and humiliated by it", she added.

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