Overly-loud street performers may soon be banned from the streets of Killarney.

The council is examining the issue after residents have complained about the volume of noise coming from buskers who use amplifiers to compete for tourists' attention.

“That happened once or twice last year, where they were kind of competing with each other,” said Killarney mayor Sean O’Grady. “In that case it would kind of become more a nuisance than an attraction.”

Councillors will assess the problem this tourist season and meet in the fall to decide whether action needs taking.

A new byelaw could be introduced if necessary, the mayor told TheJournal.ie.

"They’re looking at the question of limiting the volume. We’ll all have our own experiences from this season, and then the end of September we’ll probably be looking at it now, for next year. It’s all informal at the moment," said O'Grady.

However, council members emphasized that they were not against the buskers.

“Street performers, not at all, they add a great atmosphere,” said independent councillor Donal Grady. 

“Right now all we’re doing is monitoring the sound. If they’re too loud they’ll be asked to turn it down. If they won’t, then we’ll pass a bye-law.”

He said the town would continue to welcome street performers.

"Many a good person started busking, it can be beautiful to listen to them. We welcome everyone into this town. So if you want to sing and you can hold a note, come on down."

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