Louth man Kevin Quirke suffered a broken jaw, leg, and ankle, and sustained significant injuries to his neck after falling while working on a construction site in Toronto.

The Ardee native was on site testing out machinery when a metal cage broke free from a crane and fell six stories to the ground.

 The 22-year-old remained unconscious as he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance by horrified co-workers.

 Quirke suffered multiple injuries and broken bones.  

 His girlfriend Ceatai broke the news to his shocked family in Ireland.

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“Every parent I have spoken to said it is the call we all dread when you have a child living abroad. You don’t ever switch your phone off, ever. Because this is the call we fear," Rachel Quirke told The Sun.

 As his jaw was broken in three places, it has been wired shut and he remains in a wheelchair as Ceatai (below) looks after him. 

Sharing an image of himself in a wheelchair to his personal Facebook page on St. Patrick's Day, Quirke wrote,

"I wish all of yee a very happy paddys day. I have definitly used my fair share of the luck of the irish."

Quirke's parents are currently embarking on the voyage to Canada to care for him.

Quirke had been in the city for seven months to "gain experience" on a temporary work visa, his sister Sinead explained to The Sun.

Writing on her Facebook page, Ceatai said,

"This happening so far away from the support of family is not easy for Kevin. He cant speak as such and can only eat through a syringe for the next couple of weeks, Kevin also has a limited ability to move around meaning he needs someone with him 24/7 while he recovers.

His boss set up this gofundme page to help with getting his parents over but also help us toward the cost of rental for wheelchair, special seats so he can shower and his recovery etc."

To donate to the cause, which has thus far raised over $8,000, visit here.