David Conway, an Irish man who fell seven stories while working on a construction job in Brisbane, was released from hospital in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Conway, nicknamed Dodge, underwent 37 major operations including the amputation of both his legs during his nine month stint at Gold Coast University Hospital.

As Dodger recovered, his loyal friends all over the world created a support group "Dodger's Army" to support his journey back to health.

The group happily made the announcement that Dodger had left hospital on March 17th - and are calling on the public's help.

"9 months, 37 operations and 82 liters of blood later and on St.Patricks day 2018, the man we call "Dodger" leaves Gold Coast University Hospital after dodging death. We want to bring Dodger home to his local for a pint and we are asking Guinness for their help," his friends wrote.

The 37-year-old, who emigrated Down Under in 2002, was  actually prescribed Guinness to build up his strength by Aussie doctors during his long stay in hospital.

To help the married father-of-one get back to Rathcoole to see his family, a petition has been set up here to spread word about the fundraising initiative. 

Conway's close friend Tadhg Ennis made this video to convey the man's remarkable recovery, and  to support his wife Viv and their young daughter Keisha (pictured below.)