James McManus, a WWII vet, is dancing into people’s hearts around the world

James McManus, a 99-year-old who lives in Co Waterford, received a standing ovation after his performance at this year’s World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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McManus, a native of Scotland who now lives in Waterford, has been a student at Waterford Tango since 2002. 

The WWII veteran has seen much of the world but had never traveled to Buenos Aires. A GoFundMe was launched to change that, and McManus flew with his dance partner Lucia Seva to participate in the World Tango Championships this summer.

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McManus told local reporters: "Tango brings me a lot of happiness.”

"Dancing is very important socially."

On Facebook, James's partner Lucia shared a video about their journey to Buenos Aires:

James Mc Manus it was an honor for me, to be at your side in this experience. THANK YOU!

Publiée par Lucia Seva sur Jeudi 15 août 2019

“If you go to a tango, everybody is your friend,” McManus says in the video.

Seva said that everyone wanted to take a picture with James during the competition and that people can learn so much from him:

Todos quieren sacarse fotos con James en el festival. Todos quieren hablar con él y escucharlo. Que ejemplo! Cuánto que podemos aprender de él.

Publiée par Lucia Seva sur Mardi 13 août 2019

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Lucia also shared this video on her Facebook of her and Jim competing:

Gracias Carlitos Lin por hacer de este momento, uno de los momentos mas emocionantes en la ronda clasificatoria del Mundial de Tango. Cuando bajamos del escenario le pregunte a James.. -estas bien? a lo cual me dijo.. - dame un momento, no se si estoy soñando <3

Publiée par Lucia Seva sur Mardi 13 août 2019

Good man, James!