Fusion Fighters are wrapping up their annual Irish dancing camp this week in Ireland

Fusion Fighters, the innovative Irish dance company, have returned to Co Limerick for its fourth annual Irish dancing summer camp and showcase.

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72 talented Irish dancers traveled from all over the world representing 15 nationalities for this year’s Fusion Fighters summer camp and showcase.

Among those participating in this year’s camp and showcase are some of the best Irish dancers in the world, including Michael Donnellan, Michael Gardiner, Matthew Gardiner, Ciaran Plummer, and Chris Naish.

Chloey Turner, lead dancer with Riverdance, is also on hand as the crew’s mindfulness coach and fitness instructor.

Check out a sneak peek of the Irish dancers' rehearsals here:

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The Fusion Fighter Irish dancing camp ran from August 8 - 15 this year and culminates with their biggest show ever in the Limerick Institute of Technology Millenium Theater on August 15.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated Fusion Fighters showcase on August 15, Irish dancers ascended the streets of Limerick to give the locals a glimpse of what to expect at the show.

Check out the video - which features some future Irish dance all-stars! - here, courtesy of Fusion Fighters:

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