Is Bono planning to put pen to paper for his autobiography? Apparently the answer is yes! ... And he’s allegedly got many millions of reasons to do so.

The U2 frontman and global activist, according to the Irish Sun, “is believed to have bagged as much as €6.5million from publishers for his autobiography, which publishers promise will offer an inside view of his life and career in U2 and as a humanitarian.”

No word on which publishing house nabbed the memoir…kind of strange really as Bono would be a huge get. But maybe that info will be forthcoming soon.

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As the world knows, Bono has a way with words. An autobiography would undoubtedly be a best-seller given the places he’s been and the people he’s dealt with as a rock star and humanitarian.

The closest Bono got to putting his life story into words was in 2005, when he sat for a series of interviews for a book called Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assays. The French author, a friend of Bono’s, conducted a number of talks with Bono over several years.

Bono spent time in Mexico last week at a Mexico 21st Century event.

"The moral arc of the universe does not bend toward justice," he said at the gathering. "It has to be bent toward justice by people like the ones in this room, by students who go out in the streets, by people who join organizations like ONE or support (RED), or whatever it is…do not fall asleep in the comfort of your freedom."

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