The beautiful-faced boy featured on U2's album covers for "Boy" and "War" has spoken out in favor of a "No" vote on Ireland’s Eighth Amendment referendum, which would mean a change to Ireland's abortion law.

U2’s first two album covers, Boy in 1980 and War three years later, featured a serious looking young lad from Dublin, a neighbor of Bono’s and the younger brother of his best friend, the artist Guggi.

Peter Rowen is all grown up now – he was five when Boy came out – and he’s not at all happy that U2 is supporting the repeal of Ireland’s Eighth Amendment which bans abortion in this Friday’s referendum.

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Rowen, now 44, is a well-known photographer in Ireland who has worked with Conor McGregor and U2. And he’s clearly in favor of keeping Ireland’s abortion laws as is.

Photographer Peter Rowen will be voting no in Friday's Eighth Amendment referendum.

Photographer Peter Rowen will be voting no in Friday's Eighth Amendment referendum.

“Horrified to see U2 using their voice to promote something that’s so obviously wrong! Shame on them … as Christians we’re called to be light in a world that’s growing ever darker. It’s very sad to see this band (who once professed a strong Christian faith) come to this,” Rowen wrote on his Facebook page last week.
U2 posted the logo of the repeal campaign in a tweet on May, urging people to go to the polls on the 25th. Edge also confirmed his support a couple of weeks back to The Irish Times.

“It’s huge, there’s this huge divergence of opinion and it’s very emotive and I accept that,” he said. “It’s hard to take a stance without acknowledging there’s another side of it but I’m for it. I support repeal.”

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