Sinead O’Connor was pictured in London last week wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt while shooting a video for her upcoming single in support of the cause.  It will be released on October 2.

Sinead O'Connor is back Ireland quarantining, she reports, which is giving her lots of time to tweet about the man she loves to hate – Donald J. Trump.  Actually, she’s more into re-tweeting support for the 1619 Project, which Trump loathes, articles about mail being dumped in California and migrant children in Texas, and a doctored Trump-Pence lawn sign that’s been hilariously re-phrased in a way that’s too X rated for a family newspaper like ours.

Former Trump fanboy and ex-White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has also made an impression on Sinead. The Mooch was interviewed on Irish radio last week, and Sinead liked what she heard.  A lot.

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“Have to admit am significantly in love with Anthony Scaramucci. This is a brilliant interview with Pat Kenny,” she tweeted. 

In other Sinead developments, she revealed to her fans that she plans on going to college to work in health care, but she has no intention of giving up the day job.

“Very excited to be starting college in a few weeks : ) Fetac Level 5 Healthcare Support. Am still gonna be a singer but am gonna work as a healthcare assistant when I'm between albums and tours,” she wrote.

“A heads up. Just because I'm going to college doesn't guarantee I'm gonna pass the exams!! So for everyone who's asking me to talk about it, let's talk if I pass. We don't know yet if I'm a dunce. But if I don't pass I'll repeat until I do : )”

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