The PGA Tour landed on Donald Trump’s Florida golf course in Doral, Florida last week, and Irish golfer Rory McIlroy was asked by a reporter if the PGA should have relocated the tournament given that The Donald has scorched pretty much every group on the planet during his run for the White House.

Mac took a pass, kinda. “I’m not American,” he cleverly told the scribe, but follow up questions about politics gave a glimpse into his line of thinking.

''He's not going to be the leader of my country,'' McIlroy said, referring to Trump.

''Look, it really doesn't bother me too much. I've been following it. I really thought I knew what politics were until I started to watch some of these presidential debates. I mean, not saying that the political system in Northern Ireland is too strong at the moment either. It is ... it's shocking.

''Look, I can't vote. And if I were to vote, I'm not sure I would want to vote for any of the candidates.”

Rory became engaged to a born and bred American, Erica Stoll, last year, and his primary residence is Florida.

Trump, meanwhile, showed up at the Cadillac Championship on Sunday and made a beeline for McIlroy on the practice range. Was the GOP frontrunner showing Rory his big hands in the picture with this piece?

Whatever the case, Trump hardly brought the Northern Irishman any luck as he blew a three shot lead in the final round.