Dublin office of Atlantic Philanthropies closes its doors as Irish American philanthropist completes his donations of almost €8 billion.

In a historic act of extraordinary generosity, Irish American billionaire Chuck Feeney has donated much of the remaining portion of his €8 billion fortune through his Dublin-based office.

The Dublin office of Atlantic Philanthropies quietly closed its doors last week during chaotic Storm Emma.

After 30 years of charitable acts, New Jersey native Feeney, who notably pledged to donate his entire fortune, wrapped up his presence in Dublin.

Previously nicknamed the "James Bond of Philanthropy" by Forbes, Feeney, 86, has left an indelible imprint on education, human rights, and social change in Ireland. Indeed, University of Limerick is completely a result of his vision.

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Recounting Feeney's contributions to Ireland, The Irish Times revealed that the Atlantic Philanthropies signed off its last checks as of this month. The final acts of generosity amount to a total of €1.1 billion given away in Ireland through 1,030 grants over 30 years.

Feeney, who lives modestly with his wife in a rented apartment in San Francisco, hosted a dinner in New York to sign off with board members of the Dublin office.

As of now, Atlantic has closed all of its global offices, previously in Australia, Vietnam, and Northern Ireland.

Mary Sutton, Atlantic's director for Ireland, said that the remaining two staff members in Dublin "slipped away quietly" as the city became blanketed in snow.