A Bronx Supreme Court judge has adjourned motions in the ongoing New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade legal battle until after this year’s parade. A court appearance had been scheduled for Thursday, January 28.

John Dunleavy, the former chairman of the St. Patrick Day Parade and Celebration Committee, filed suit against parade board chairman John Dunleavy Dr. John Lahey and board member Frank Comerford last year, charging among other things that Lahey’s election as chairman was illegal and that Lahey and NBC executive Comerford worked together to keep the parade’s broadcast rights at WNBC, despite a better offer from rival network WPIX. An executive from WPIX provided a sworn affidavit that a formal offer from the network was never made.

Meanwhile, a press release from the parade board says that this year’s march will feature over 200,000 participants, including those from the affiliated organizations that have also protested the new parade leadership under Lahey. Parade organizers haven’t received any declined invitations from the groups who annually march.

“All of the traditional Irish organizations, including 49 Ancient Order of Hibernians groups, have signed up to march,” the release said.

“Thanks to the support of the Irish community of New York and the Irish government, and the dedication of the parade organizers, this year’s parade will be a great tribute to St. Patrick, our patron saint, and a memorable celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the birth of Irish independence,” Lahey said.

“It will be a real honor this year to march with [grand marshal] Senator George Mitchell, a truly global champion of peace.”