Niall Horan is not happy about Donald Trump. Getty

Ireland's PM Enda Kenny congratulated Donald Trump last week on behalf of “the people of Ireland,” but many of his better-known citizens are appalled at the notion of Trump getting the White House keys.

One Direction member and now solo star Niall Horan, from Co. Westmeath, feels American voters will be fed up with the Trumpster in 2020. “Grin and bare (sic) with this guy. No one knows what to expect, everyone's nervous but I'm sure the American people will have more sense in 4 years,” Horan tweeted.

“It's a sad state of affairs but the one thing you can take from it is that map they've shown of how the young people voted,” he added, referring to millennials favoring Hillary Clinton more than Trump.

Actor/comedian Chris O’Dowd, a Roscommon native, tried to be funny but couldn’t mask his distaste for the result.

“Hey, it's been fun, but make no mistake, the other thing that happened tonight is that Twitter died,” he remarked on his BigBoyler handle.

“O the women this will build. O the relentless women. O the fierce women. You were afraid before? you're putty now you p****, o the women!”

Singer/songwriter Hozier simply tweeted Seamus Heaney’s poem “Anything Can Happen,” which was penned after 9/11.  “Admittedly, it reads differently today,” Hozier posted the day after the election.

Conor McGregor famously said “I don’t give a f*** about Donald Trump” last year, not because of politics but over Trump’s slamming fellow UFC star Ronda Rousey.

Though he didn’t comment on Trump’s election after his Madison Square Garden fight last weekend – and, in fact, Trump was thinking of attending as he’s close friends with UFC boss Dana White – McGregor was videoed at his after-party at Marquee nightclub dancing and mouthing words to a rap song that likely sums up his feelings on the president-elect: “F*** Donald Trump.”