Bob Geldof is so disgusted with the U.K. Brexit vote that he may up sticks and leave his London base for a return home to Dublin if British PM Theresa May opts to go for a “hard Brexit” strategy – i.e., slamming the door totally shut on the EU.

The Live Aid/Band Aid founder, also famous for his stint in the Irish band the Boomtown Rats, told the Sunday Independent that Ireland in the 1970s held no attraction for him, but now the opposite is true.

“And so, over the last decade or so, it has become -- this sounds self-aggrandizing and I don't mean it to be, and many Irish people disagree with me and will say he's talking through his a*** -- but I just feel more comfortable [in Ireland] and I have never felt uncomfortable in England until now,” Geldof said.

The new missus Jeanne Marine also “loves” Ireland, Geldof said, so there’s no issue there.

"England has given me so much. But for the first time in my life I felt deeply, deeply uncomfortable with what is happening. Deeply, deeply uncomfortable. It's like the British government is taking f***ing speed or something,” he said.

Geldof campaigned hard for the “remain” side in June’s seismic Brexit vote.  Unsurprisingly, he’s no fan of Donald Trump either, calling him a “liar, a fool and a racist” who “vomits his bile onto the disinherited of the United States.”

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