The Ancient Order of Hibernians has a new division in New Rochelle in Westchester County. Westchester County AOH President Brian Duffy, National Director Dan Dennehy and fellow officers participated in the swearing in and installation last week.

The division was organized by Duffy, Dennehy and a young Rockaway AOH member and Iona College senior, James McGlashin, who felt that his college had strong Irish American roots and many would be interested in Hibernian membership. 

Based on the response, McGlashin feels that the effort could be replicated.

As one of the first acts, Division 17 and Westchester County Divisions in Yonkers, Tarrytown, Mount Kisco and Peeksilll will be coordinating an effort with community members to restore the family plot of a family with a tremendous history in Ireland and America, including the grave of a U.S. Medal of Honor winner.

Named for Thomas Addis Emmet, whose family settled in the area, Division 17 includes many Iona College students and grads.  Clive Anderson, owner of Pelham Funeral Home, who hosted the evening, along with Iona College members, James Killoran of Habitat for Humanity Westchester and several business, municipal and Catholic church and education leaders, joined the AOH together. 

“This is an exciting time for Hibernians with these vibrant new members, our national recruitment and marketing efforts, and the recent poll of young Irish Americans. I know that American Irish people desire the feeling of community that Irishness demonstrates and that the AOH is an important part of that heritage in America,” said Duffy.

Visit the Hibernians’ new website to learn more about the AOH activities and membership.