At the Ad Astra premiere, Ruth Negga proved she can't put a foot wrong. 

"AD Astra," Brad Pitt’s new sci-fi flick, had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival last week, and co-star Ruth Negga was on hand for the festivities.

Ruth, raised in Co. Limerick from a young age by her Irish mom, never, ever puts a foot wrong on the red carpet, and her fashion choices in Italy were bang on. She’s an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, so of course, she showcased the brand’s creations while doing her promo work.

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"Ad Astra" collected some rave reviews at the festival.  It’s a showcase for megastar Brad, of course. Ruth and Liv Tyler are cast as part of his mission team.

“Negga makes a commanding impression in the film, just as she does on any red carpet or, ahem, Vanity Fair photoshoot,” Vanity Fair magazine wrote, under a photo of Ruth looking her usual glam self.