A woman who claims she is still suffering from the effects of a hot bikini wax almost three years ago, has sued a beauty saloon for damages exceeding €38,000 ($50,000).

Marie Smith told the Circuit Civil Court after the hot wax treatment she was left with “weeping blisters” on her upper thighs and groin area following her waxing at Tiger Lily's beauty salon in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin in February 2008.

She informed her lawyer, Lauremce Masterson, that stray hairs were left on her groin and pubic area after the initial waxing and the beautican proceeded to apply a second coat of hot wax to remove them.

Mr Masterson said his client claimed that the second coat of immediately applied wax had caused her injuries as well as an ingrediant in the wax used.

The 38-year-old woman said she has been undergoing hot wax treatments for 20 years and that normally stray hairs were removed with a tweezers and not an additional coat of wax.

The court heard that Ms Smith still suffers from spots, soreness and discoloration and after seeking medical treatment she was referred to a skin specialist where she was diagnosed with irritant dermatitis.

Attorney for the defendants, Adrianne Fields said evidence on behalf Tigger Lily's would show that the ingredient which allegedly contributed to her injuries was not present in the wax used.

The Judge adjourned the case pending medical opinion on whether Ms Smyth's dermatitis was bacterial or fungal.