An Irish bar in Wisconsin has issued a public apology after it opened its outdoor terrace to patrons on Friday evening. 

Mo's Irish Pub and Grill in Wauwatosa opened its patio from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, May 15, defying Milwaukee County's carry-out only laws. 

The pub apologized on its Facebook page and said that it wasn't trying to defy any laws by opening for a limited period on Friday. 

"Based on the information we received from the Tavern League, the national news channels and the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin, we thought we could open," the pub said in a statement on Facebook. 

The pub operated eight outdoor tables on Friday and employed strict social distancing regulations for every customer that visited the bar. 

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Customers all sat at tables set at least six feet apart from one another and all bar staff wore gloves and masks. However, few customers wore any PPE, according to ABC7. 

Karen Waters, general manager at Mo's Bar and Grill, said that no one had complained to her after the pub opened the patio. 

"Honestly, if somebody is uncomfortable with it, then they can wait it out and hopefully we'll see them in the future," Waters said to WISN on Friday. 

Nevertheless, the pub's management decided not to reopen the patio on Saturday as scheduled after consultation with the city of Wauwatosa. 

The pub also faced a significant amount of backlash from people in Wauwatosa who were angered by the decision to open the patio. 

Mo's will now revert back to carry out and delivery service only in order to comply with the city's regulations. 

The pub's apology added that management looked forward to welcoming customers back very shortly and pleaded with people to understand that opening the patio was merely an honest mistake. 

"We are far from perfect and understand that this was a mistake. For all those who have supported us for years and those of you who added vile comments regarding Mo's, we pray for you and the health and safety of your families." 

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