Police suspect the hit team that killed Irish gang boss Eamon Dunne at a pub in Dublin on Friday night had insider knowledge as to exactly where the criminal was located inside the premises.

"They must have had somebody in there telling them exactly where he was sitting," a police source told the Irish Times.

“The gunmen walked straight for him and didn't even need to get a look at his face to make sure it was the right person."

Dunne was in a group of about fifty people that were celebrating a 40th birthday at the Faussagh House in Cabra.

Dunne (34) was the leader of Dublin's largest drugs gang. He took over the gang after it's leader, Martin "Marlo" Hyland, was murdered on Dunne's orders.

Dunne was linked to up to 17 gangland murders and it is rumored that he was murdered due to his erratic behavior.

It is suspected that Dunne had a cocaine addiction that made him incredibly paranoid and violent.

The police regarded Dunne as an intelligent criminal, and he often made counter complaints to the police ombudsman about the leaking of confidential police information.

It is suspected that Dunne was involved in extortion with dissident republicans. It is possible that he may have been murdered by them.

Dunne was one of Ireland's most violent criminals and was known to have bought debts from smaller dealers to make quick money collecting the owed amounts.

The police said that few witnesses have come forward to police, despite the large number of people who were in the bar at the time of his killing.

Dublin Don: Eamon Dunne who was killed execution style in a gangland killing