“Imagine a dating community where EVERYONE is actually beautiful …”

So begins the tag-line to beautifulpeople.com’s homepage as it attempts to lure you into the ‘beautiful’ world of online dating. Pass me a bucket.

Beautifulpeople is a worldwide website that claims 5 million members -- and the Irish men who seek to join are the most rejected.

According to a website spokeswoman, a mere 10 percent of Irish men who try to join their dating site are accepted.

The website asks applicants to submit a profile picture and then existing members of the opposite sex vote you in. Members rate new applicants over a 48 hour period based on whether or not they find the applicant ‘beautiful.'

“Unfortunately, it is the case that Irish men in particular are not very successful at getting onto the site, around nine percent of applicants get through,” Miki Haines-Sanger from beautifulpeople.com told Newstalk’s Breakfast Show.

“Meet REAL beautiful people who actually look in real life as they do online!,” offers the website.

Please, show me ONE person who looks the same in person as they do in any profile picture.

“Other countries are sunnier, so you get more applicants that have got beach bodied tans,” said the spokeswoman.

“They look happier and more relaxed in their profile pictures, maybe they will use outdoor summer photographs where as a lot of the Irish applications are photographs from inside a pub for example, those pictures are not the best ones to upload,” advises Sanger.

“Other countries go to a great deal of effort with professional photographs, in U.S and Brazil where beauty is very much a huge industry. 

“Our applicants will go to the trouble of having their hair done, having make-up done and uploading a professional photograph,” she told the popular Irish breakfast show.

Hmm, let me see which would I prefer, a Jersey Shore-loving, meat-head, who pumps iron daily before hitting the tan saloon, or an Irish lad with a pint in his hand, who’s main concern of the night is having the craic, is there really any contest?

Not for this Irish woman.

Do I take the poser at the bar drinking Martini’s who gets distracted by his own reflection in the mirror? Or do I go after the guy concentrated on having fun with his friends?

While Irish men, even Irish people, in general, may not be famous for their aesthetic beauty, their tanned physics or pearly whites, our attributes are much more endearing not to mention enduring.

After all, who can resist an Irish man? Now just to find one.


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